Thursday, September 4, 2014


The New and Improved novel has been published in a second edition. Don't ask me what was wrong with the first edition because I'd get upset. Suffice to say I think the time and effort to fix it was worthwhile. The book is ready for prime time. Soon literary agents will competing for the privialege to represent, book reviewers will step forward to praise the ingenious novel, and mainstream publisher will be pounding on my door It'll a NYT best seller, go viral on the internet, and receive several offers from Hollywood produce to option the story. All it's going to take is blind optimism, savvy marketing techniques and dumb luck.

I urge everyone who bought the book to dump their old copies in the recycling bin and order the new edition. Now is the time for skeptics and the uninitiated to grab a copy of the newer, better book. It's available on Create Space and Amazon. The electronic Kindle version will be out in a few days. Tell your friends, families, acquaintences and therapists about it.