Monday, October 6, 2014


I closed my original Facebook account years ago but opened a new one recently  thinkong it might prove useful as a meanse of spreading the word about the book. I trawled for friends and friends of friends and for people I might know or should know and their relatives and acquaintences, building an imaginary fan club.

Now I've  learned that  I violated some of the basic rules of Social Media Publicity. 1) Don't open a new account for the sole reason of hawking  your book, 2) Make friends with your friends first before shoving  book-for-sale spam in their faces, 3) Don't promote your book on a social medoa site you don't necesarrily like.

To my  surprise and wonderment, My Life As a Cadaver has not gone viral yet. I never could figure out how to use Facebook and it's gotten worse. I just don't undersand how it works. It turns me in knots when I  try to manipulate photos.  All my legions of  friends make it look so easy.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Twitter and Tumblr and all the rest are on the sidelines in my publiciy strategy until I know what I'm doing. My next step is to start the post card mailing campaign. What's your address?

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