Saturday, May 3, 2014


 I think I made a serious error in putting exerpts from fictional reviews on the back cover of the book . When I started building the book cover I thought they were hilarious but intended them as place-holders until I could think of something better to fill the page. I got attached to them, however. It seemed to me at the time that the book's title and its morbid content  could benefit from a bit of humor.  But evidently the joke went flat.

Confidentially I was appalled that so many readers didn't get the allusion to E. B White's classic  children's  book Charlotte's Web. Maybe people don't have children anymore, or they were negligent in reading their kids to sleep at night.

In the first mock review the excerpt is "Some Book." Get it? Hah hah hah.

I regret making the assumption that  this would be  an clear reference to the immortal words Charlotte  the Spider spun in her web:

 "Some Pig"

Her spelling skills made Wilber the  Pig famous and spared him from being made into bacon. My reviewer is named Charlotte Weber, which is either too cute or really stupid,

Hopefully the novel won't be slaughtered into pork chops.

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